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March 17 2018

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How Are Storage Unit Auctions Conducted

Auctions for Self Storage Units used to be quiet local affairs with very few people in attendance. Reality television shows have altered that a great deal. People are now interested in auctions in large numbers. Once people see someone bid on Storage Units in Miami and leave with a safe full of cash, they want to try their luck at an auction near them. It is not as quick and easy as it is portrayed on television, but it can be fun and exciting.

Bid Wisely

For exciting as an auction can be, it can also be a total disappointment. Placing the winning bids on Self Storage Units Miami may yield junk just as easily as it may yield anything of value. Do not bid any more than intended because winning bids cannot be withdrawn. Bring cash as most Self Storage Facilities in Miami only accept cash on auction day.

The Day of the Auction

Get to the facility on the day of the auction so there is plenty of time to register. Registration is a requirement for those participating in the bidding. Bystanders do not have to register, but they lose out on the opportunity to bid. Seeing how a few auctions are conducted is an excellent idea for those who want to start bidding.

Viewing Storage Units

Bidders are allowed to look inside units before bidding starts, but they cannot go into the unit or move boxes aside to get a closer look. The information given is the size of the unit only. People are not told what is in the unit because the storage facility manager does not know what is stored in each unit. The only thing the manager knows is that the rent has not been paid and there have been several attempts to contact the renter.

Other Pertinent Information

Auctions are cash and carry. That means the person who placed the winning bid must be ready and able to empty the unit right away. Bring a truck and a few friends to help move everything out of the unit. Another thing to keep in mind is there are no guarantees contents will be worth the money bid. If the bid is 100 dollars and items found are only worth 25 dollars, the bidder is out the 75 dollar difference.

Check facility websites to discover when the next auction is scheduled. Requirements for bidding will also be outlined in full detail so bidders will know what to expect when they arrive on-site.

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